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then talk to me!!

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waah thank you anon!! you make my happy too!!


This is an extension of my full ACNL Halloween guide.

Villagers will be inside their houses for part of the festivities on Halloween night, and they are whom you get the special lollipop candy from to give to Jack. However, they’ll only give you a lollipop if you’re wearing the mask that “scares” their species/ personality combo. If you’re not wearing the right mask, they’ll give you a regular piece of candy. But you can come back to them with the proper mask and scare ‘em real good after you mess up. Also, you can only get one lollipop from each villager; if you “scare” them with a different mask after the lollipop, you’ll start getting regular pieces of candy.

I based this chart off of this Thonky page. The formatting and phrasing of a few things were off, so I figured I’d clean it up and make it my own!

Anonymous; "wow ur room looks really nice :p i never really cared so much as to decorate my room... it's literally just a bed with old pics my parents put up themselves.. oh and also old school notebooks and paper XDD but i think u may have inspired me to decorate my room haha ^^"

omg thank you!? my room isn’t even decorated though OTL All I’ve really got is prints and other con loot hung up ww my room is pretty small too so it’s actually nice to leave it simple and not clutter it too much ;v;

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Yes!! it was actually from the kids section www but I really liked the colours T 7 T it goes well with my wall/



Anonymous; "I've been saving up for a new Pink/White 3DS XL and yesterday I finally earned enough to buy it, but then I hear about the new 3DS... I was wondering, do you think I should wait for the New 3DS or just buy the 3DS Xl?? I'm just kinda confused eh"

Well I mean this is up to you. As of now we don’t really know much about the new 3DS. It doesn’t seem like it’s gonna be a completely new generation of consoles but they also mentioned making games exclusive to it so.. But so far all we know that it will be released in japan around October and there no mention of any global releases. If you want to get the new 3DS, assuming you’re not from Japan, you might have to wait a year or so for the NA/EU/etc. releases, so if you’re looking to playing any 3ds games soon, that might not work so well for you. Of course if you don’t mind waiting it out then that’s great, go for it!

Ahh. I hope I was of some help ;v;; Sorry I’m not that up to date with this stuff so there might be some stuff announced that I’m unaware of, if I’m wrong about any of this feel free to correct me!

lambenthyme; "i'm sure you're already getting asks about this but where did you get your jacket? it looks really nice!! (you can ignore this question if it's answered of course) and i was also wondering, how often do you see reposted/traced/etc art of yours? ; - ;"

Thank you!! Actually you’re the first one, I got it at Ever New *v*)b

And honestly I don’t see it very often. When I do it’s usually friends or followers who point them out to me because I don’t spend a lot of time just browsing T v T. It only happens once in a while so it’s not so often that it’s a huge issue but it’s still pretty irritating when it happens ;v;